High Quality Connections

The science of creating positive and productive relationships at work

Our Mission

We are a group of scholars dedicated to studying the problems of creating and maintaining high quality connections in organizations.  The name comes from Jane Dutton and Emily Heaphy's 2003 chapter, in which they describe high quality connections as those having the ability to "literally and figuratively enliven people" at work. The goals of the site are as follows: 

  • To Aggregate insights about high quality connections in organizations for the manager or employee interested in improving relationships at work.  

  • To Disseminate knowledge about research relating to high quality connections and how such research can be beneficial to managers and employees alike.  

  • To Comment on real-world problems of managing high quality connections at work;
    showing "theory in action." 


We hope you enjoy the site and are able to create your own high quality connections!

Core Contributors

Dr. Kevin Rockmann

Research Areas: relationship formation, teamsidentity


Contexts of Interest: gig / freelance / contract work, telework, government / military


Outcomes of Interest: workplace interpersonal relations, employee decision-making, employee loyalty and retention, job performance, team performance 

Professor of Management

School of Business

George Mason University


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Dr. Jessica Methot

Research Areas: social networks, workplace friendships, emotions, identity


Contexts of Interest: HRM practices, leadership development, gig work


Outcomes of Interest: job performance, voluntary employee turnover, knowledge sharing, relationship dynamics, organizational citizenship behaviors 

Associate Professor of HRM

School of Management and Labor Relations
Rutgers University


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Dr. Wendy Murphy

Research Areas: mentoring, developmental networks, leadership, gender, work-life


Contexts of Interest: Career development, leadership,  HRM, entrepreneurship


Outcomes of Interest: career satisfaction, career success, social support, developmental initiation, well-being, thriving 

Professor of Management
Babson College


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Dr. Mandy O'Neill

Research Areas: organizational culture, emotions, gender


Contexts of Interest: health care, technology, emergency services, retail

Outcomes of Interest: workplace interpersonal relations, employee decision-making, job attitudes, career success, health behavior, corporate strategy, and financial performance

Associate Professor of Management

School of Business
George Mason University


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Affiliate Contributors

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate contributor, please contact us at info@highqconnections.com for more information.

Dr. Beth Humberd

Research Areas: identity, interpersonal relationships, intimacy and work, gender, diversity, work-life, future of work


Contexts of Interest: Professionals, work/non-work domains, career development, leadership development, flexible arrangements, new-age work


Outcomes of Interest: relationship dynamics, career satisfaction, identity development, work-life satisfaction, individual and group engagement

Assistant Professor of Management
Manning School of Business, UMass-Lowell


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Dr. Kathy Kram

Research Areas: leadership, relational learning, mentoring, coaching and developmental networks, organizational change


Contexts of Interest: executives, employees transitioning to retirement, work / non-work boundaries


Outcomes of Interest:  learning, employee success, coaching effectiveness

R.C. Shipley Professor in Management, Emerita
Questrom School of Business

Boston University


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Dr. Bess Rouse

Research Areas: relationship formation, teams, identity, workplace friendships, mentoring


Contexts of Interest: creative work, entrepreneurship


Outcomes of Interest: well-being, engagement, creativity, positive relationships

Assistant Professor of Management
Questrom School of Business

Boston University


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Dr. John Paul Stephens

Research Areas: organizational aesthetics, emotions, teams, work relationships, embodiment


Contexts of Interest: musical ensembles, project teams, multi-team systems

Outcomes of Interest: coordination, collective performance, adaptability, resilience, relationship sustainability

Associate Professor, Organizational Behavior
Weatherhead School of Management
Case Western Reserve University


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Dr. Amy Colbert

Research Areas: leadership, workplace relationships, intrinsic motivation, person-environment fit, personality


Contexts of Interest: caregiving professions, work as a calling, low-wage workers

Outcomes of Interest: employee engagement, well-being, job and life satisfaction, thriving and flourishing, creativity and innovation, proactivity, performance

Leonard A. Hadley Chair in Leadership
Professor and Dept Executive Officer

Department of Management & Organizations
Tippie College of Business

University of Iowa


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Dr. Shasa Dobrow Riza

Research Areas: careers; meaning of work and callings; mentorship; developmental networks; job satisfaction; psychological safety


Contexts of Interest: challenging career paths; musicians and artists; business and management occupations


Outcomes of Interest: career pursuit, career and developmental support, objective and subjective career success, well-being, job satisfaction, professional identity

Assistant Professor of Management
The London School of Economics and Political Science


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Dr. Jane Dutton

Research Areas: high quality connections, learning, positive identity, coordination, positive organizational scholarship


Contexts of Interest: healthcare and caring professions, low income  work, higher education


Outcomes of Interest: thriving, flourishing, well-being, health, energy, interpersonal relations

Robert L. Kahn Distinguished
University Professor Emerita of Business Administration and Psychology

Ross School of Business

University of Michigan


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Dr. Alexandra Gerbasi

Research Areas: social networks, leadership, energy, civility


Contexts of Interest: knowledge work, dispersed teams, professional services

Outcomes of Interest: Job performance, turnover, relationship dynamics, well-being

Professor of Leadership
University of Exeter


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